Generic Marketing Services offers various ways to promote products and services for clients. These include internet, direct mail, signage, and media.

Internet Marketing

It’s obvious to just about everyone that marketing on the internet is a good way to promote products and services to customers.

Search Engine Optimization

The best type of marketing for most businesses online must include a strong SEO component.

Original content, targeted keywords, and well written descriptions of website content are all vital components to an effective SEO strategy.

Landing Pages and Email

The use of landing pages with a combination of lead capture information and automated email response content is a great way to build a list of potential customers who are interested in a product or service.

Traffic can be driven to landing pages through the use of SEO and other types of marketing.

Online Ads

The use of online ads can be an effective way to drive traffic to website landing pages.

The cost of online ads can be expensive over time but for businesses with a sizable budget, it’s a good way to get wide exposure online quickly while effective SEO is developed and implemented over time.

Direct Mail Marketing

The use of direct mail via the United States Postal System enables businesses and nonprofits to reach out directly and personally to customers in their homes with a targeting message.

The message can be delivered via familiar methods such as postcards, flyers, brochures, and letters.

A personalized and targeted message will produce better results compared to sending “junk mail”.


Every business needs signs. At least one sign at the place of business is needed in order to advertise its brick and mortar location.

Additional signage helps to extend the marketing and promotion of the business.

These other types of signage may include directional signs and billboards of various shapes and sizes.


Media attention can help increase awareness of a product and build a wider customer base resulting in more sales. Certain types of media attention can also significantly raise credibility of a business or product in the minds of customers.

Print Media

Old fashioned print media now includes getting exposure on the internet. Most print media outlets also publish their content on their website.

Human interest stories about the founder of a business, promoter of a product, or interesting information about a service provider are potential subject for print media. This can attract a lot of attention when published by a third party news source.

Broadcast Media

Radio and TV media can reach a large segment of the general public or specific demographic segments with news and information about a product or service.

Positive news stories focused on a product or service can help catapult a business into the public image quickly and dramatically.

Social Media

Everyone seems to agree that the use of social media is an important part of a broader marketing plan for any business.

While it may not make sense to chase every social media opportunity, it’s important that a good marketing plan include two or three social media outlets to engage customers.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are some examples of social media engagement opportunities.