Generic Marketing Services uses SEO as part of a comprehensive marketing plan for clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Some people think SEO is a highly secretive method of getting search engine rankings.

Maybe only a handful of webmasters, code writers, or Google employees with top secret clearance know all the SEO tricks.

But while its true that internet companies have their trade secrets, effective SEO is not too complicated.

If a website has any hope of getting ranked on the search engine first page of results, there must be content on the website which is original, relevant, and well written.

Relevant Website Content

Your website has unique and relevant content, right?

If the content of your website is not unique and relevant, why not?

In order to implement effective SEO methods for your website, the content must be relevant to the topic at hand.

And the content must be original and unique. You can’t copy and paste your way to original, unique, and relevant content.

Well Written Content

There is no substitute for well written content. And there is no getting around this.

So you must develop well written content using relevant phases and words to describe what you have to say.

Also, don’t forget, cliches are a dime a dozen, so avoid them like the plague and stick to communicating your message by developing well written content.

Use of Titles and Meta Descriptions

The effective use of titles and meta descriptions is easy. Good titles and descriptions flow naturally once well written, original, and relevant content is developed.

But this is an important and vital step to getting great results from your SEO efforts. Take the time to craft the title of every page and write a quality meta description of the page content.

Search Engine Rankings

Getting ranked on the first page of a search engine result may take time. The quality of your website content is key to getting the results you want.

Certain industries and topics may be highly competitive. In order to get ranked near the top of a search engine result, it may require that your content be highly targeted and original.

This brings us back to where we started in our discussion of SEO: develop well written, original, unique, and relevant content.