Domain Names

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Generic Website presents some basic information about internet domain names.

Graphic for generic website domain names.

A Generic Domain Name

The best place to start when selecting a url address for your website is a generic domain name.

A generic domain name will lead to organic traffic to your website.

Domain Name Registration

While there is a lot of technical information about registering a domain name, the process is actually very easy.

A lot of people report having good experiences registering domain names with GoDaddy.

Bulk Domain Registration

Do you need to register and manage a large quantity of domain names? Every registrar will have at least slightly different tools and services for managing a large quantity of domain names.

It’s easy for domain registrars to provided you with excellent tools for bulk name registration and managing a large quantity of domain names. But if you get the the point where you are not happy with the registrar you use for your domain names, try searching for domain registrar reviews online.