Website Design

It’s a myth that an SEO campaign should be kept separate from the designing of a website. In actual fact, the design of a site can have an impact on SEO and should be taken into account when creating a marketing strategy.

Here we will look at the ways a poor website design can damage SEO and how they can be avoided.

Overly Complicated Website Layouts

If you’re using a template to start with, then it is always tempting to pick one that has a lot going on.

You might like a design that has bright colors and comes with a range of widgets. Regardless of how appealing they may be, you should only use them if it doesn’t slow your site down.

The best thing to do is keep it basic to begin with and then make alterations as you go along. This way you’ll be able to tell when your website slows down because you have made the design too complicated.

Boring Design And Layout

On the opposite end of the scale, having a boring site can also create problems as well.

If people access your site and see something that is rather bland and boring, they will leave quickly. This will increase the bounce rate and bring your search engine ranking down.

Make sure that the layout and design of your site is always aesthetically pleasing and uses color to good effect.

Too Many Ads

Nothing can put people off a website more than seeing loads of crazy advertisements.

Whenever people see them, they instantly think they are on a spam website and will leave. Google also penalizes websites that has too many ads, so it’s best to keep the number of ads low.

Also, make sure that the ads are placed in locations that do not distract from the content of your website.